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Community Facilities and Assets
Barbeques Beach Public Furniture
Public Toilets Basketball Courts Dog Parks
Play Areas Play Grounds Skate Parks
Cat Containment Areas Dog Exercise Areas  


Development and Planning
Territory Plan Precinct Codes Territory Plan Overlay Zones Territory Plan Land Use Zones


Emergency Management
1 percent AEP Flood Bushfire Abatement Zone Bushfire Operations Plans
Bushfire Prone Area Fire Management Zones Regional Fire Management Plan


Threatened Aquatic Habitat Threatened Fauna Habitat Threatened Plants
Rare Plants Important Wetlands Bogs and Fens
Threatened Grasslands Threatened Woodland Vegetation Communities
Canberra Vegetation Structure map ACT Vegetation Subformation Strategic Assessment Areas
ACT Tree Register Environmental Offsets Habitat Colonisation Potential Models
Local Links (functional canopy connection) Best Possible Regional Links (may require some restoration) Preferred Planting Locations to increase Patch Size
Habitat Patches Canopy Gap of 100m to 195m  


Heritage and Cultural
Bicentennial National Trail Canberra Tracks Heritage Sites


2015 Aerial Photography (20cm resolution) 2016 Aerial Photography (10cm resolution)  


Land Administration
ACT Boundary ACT District Boundaries ACT Division Boundaries
ACT Sections ACT Blocks ACT Class B Units
ACT Postcode Boundaries ACT Easements ACT Addressing
ACT Feature Names ACT Survey Control Marks Arboretum Forest
ACT Reserves    


Natural Resource Management
2013 ACT Wind Map Hydrogeological Landscape mapping  


2004 10m Contours 2004 5m Contours 2004 1m Contours
2015 Bathymetry    


Road Edges Road Centrelines Road Reserves
Road Access Restriction    


ACT Water Features ACT Water Management Areas ACT Government Groundwater Monitoring Bores
Groundwater Abstraction Bores    

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