Making it easier for people to access ACT Government location information

ACTmapi is the ACT Government's interactive mapping service that provides a convenient and fast way to analyse ACT spatial data. ACTmapi data is normally updated daily, and displays the most up to date cadastral information for the Australian Capital Territory.

ACTmapi has been built and is maintained using ArcGIS desktop and server, Geocortex Essentials and FME.

ACTmapi was first released in 2003 on the ACT Government's internal network, and displayed cadastre, the Territory Plan and survey marks. The first public release was made in 2004. ACTmapi has evolved over the years to include a wide range of ACT Government data, and a large number of tools and functionality to suit beginners and experienced users. ACTmapi now provides maps, a data catalogue and a number of base maps that are available for use in mapping systems external to ACTmapi itself.

To help people use ACTmapi effectively, a number of online tutorials have been developed and are available from the Support tab