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ACTMAPi Tutorials - Basic Functions

Getting Started with ACTmapi

Find what my block and section numbers are

Find what Territory Plan Land Use Zone my site is in

How to turn map layers and aerial photography on and off

How to display the legend

How to switch to a different map

How to print a map

How to save a picture of the map on my screen

How to open Google Streetview in sync with ACTmapi

How to get dimensions of a block

How to add my own data to the map

How to measure distances and areas

How to find data on the map

How to draw on the map

How to switch from list to table view and save results from ACTmapi

How to extract and download data

How to create a query function

How to filter data

How to use ACTmapi Accessibility

How to buffer a result and use that buffer to find information about other data layers nearby